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Surge Strip Mount 6 + 2 USB

Model DTU1601
  • Home and Office AC surge suppressor protects your computer/laptop, home theater system and other devices from a voltage spike and more
  • Featuring a unique and easy to use built-in clamping system for attaching the unit to desks, tables, shelves, and workbenches. Perfect for a garage, computer lab, office, etc. Elegant dark grey design to match professional business products. Two outlets have extra-wide spacing for large power adapter bricks.
  • Built-in dual port USB Charger (total of 2.4 amps) allows user to charge a smartphone or tablet
  • 1400 joule surge suppression rating with EMI/RFI line noise filtering to help components perform at their peak while extending their lifespan
  • KMC 24 months Warranty and friendly customer service